Hello world!

Hi there, welcome to 3Dcaffeine coffeeTalk. In this section of the website I will be posting short tips, tricks and tutorials on subjects regarding the Unreal Engine 4 blueprint scripting language. I will do my best to be as thorough as possible, yet to follow these tutorials a certain level of understanding of the engine is required. This is because there will be references to basic Unreal and coding terminology that won’t be explained.

The subjects I’m going to cover will include:

  • Player
    • Double Jump
    • Teleport
    • Lifting objects (Physics Handle)
    • Creating airplane controls
  • UI
    • Creating a healthbar
    • Creating a menu
    • Creating a dynamic crosshair
  • Dynamic materials
    • Creating a base material
    • Creating a dynamic material
    • Adding functionality
  • Communication
    • Creating a door
    • Creating a pick up
    • Creating a button
    • Creating an interface
    • Expanding the concept
  • AI behavior
    • System overview
    • Follow player
    • Getting waypoints
    • Creating a loop
    • Expanding the concept

I’m not going to claim my way is the only way, I simply want to show you my solutions to obstacles I myself have run into during development. I would even appreciate it if you know a better way and are willing to share this here in the comment sections.

So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, fire up the engine and let’s start making some cool stuff!