Hi there!

Welcome to 3Dcaffeine. Let me tell you a bit about this website and how it works.

3Dcaffeine is a platform created as a portfolio presentation for me, Vincent, where I display and sell some of the models I’ve created. It’s also gonna host a series of tutorials on various subjects regarding Unreal Engine’s visual scripting language and tackling some of the obstacles I myself have run into at some point during development.

The models I create don’t aim for photo realism, instead they strive for a more stylised look and sometimes cartoony appearance. 

The mesh topology of the models was created with only quads and then triangulated before exporting from Maya. Some of the models use the “automatic UV” function from Maya and others have a custom UV map. All UVS are unwrapped and non-overlapping. The materials applied to the models serve as a reference for when the models are imported into Unreal Engine, where I create the final materials.

Most humanoid characters use the HumanIK rig from Maya and other use a custom build rig. Some characters are also animated and have separate files with the animation baked on every frame.

I love making 3D models and now I’m sharing them with you. I hope they will bring you as much joy as I had making them.